Survey Results

At the beginning of the season HHCC issued a survey to get the input from the club membership, we wanted to share the output of that survey and give you an update on some of the areas that have changed as a result

Firstly a huge thank you to everyone who responded to our survey. Your feedback was really useful and helps us shape the club for all the membership.

Let’s start with the response rate, the email went out to 316 club members, of which 158 opened the email. Out of those we had 45 responses – a 14% response rate which is above average for this type of survey.

In terms of the views expressed, 91% rated their membership as being very good, or good, value for money. The main reason for those saying it was not value for money was the lack of Colts fixtures last season. This is a valid concern and one that is shared in the committee – as parents will hopefully have seen we have got back into the relevant leagues for Colts cricket in 2017 and are seeing a significant increase fixtures this season as well as running U19s and U21s for the first time.

On the communications side, all respondents rated the quality of communications as average or above. One suggestion was a regular email round up of news, we have had some problems in adopting this in 2017 so we need to look at ways to make this consistent

In terms of the quality of the facilities 97% of respondents thought they were Very Good, Good or Average, some very complimentary comments were provided (thank you) but also two improvement opportunities.

Firstly the astro and nets being in need of repair, and a couple of comments about the infamous HHCC outfield.

Well the good news is our astro tracks have been replaced and the committee is looking at options for repairing the nets.

In terms of the outfield the cost of flattening it would be considerable, as you can see from the rest of Bushy Park the undulating ground is the natural state of the area. There is also the strong chance that it would revert back to its natural state over time even if it were flattened. Without a significant injection of funds the club has higher priority areas to invest in. Plus generations of HHCC players have developed a unique fielding technique which would go to waste on a normal outfield.

The question on improvement suggestions attracted a lot of responses, and it was great to see a number of very good, creative ideas. The key suggestions were:

Offering “proper” coffee and selling food during games. This has been discussed at length, two challenges we face are that to do this we would have to staff the bar / kitchen for the whole afternoon which would be an additional cost – any benefits in terms of increased revenue would have to more than cover this. Also the terms of our licence from the park is that we are not allowed to sell to the public, we can only serve food and drink to club members. We will continue to monitor the situation and are looking at options to offer this in a commercially viable manner

Club shop merchandise – we are relooking at this, at present we have two web shops, ideally we would like one with the full range of merchandise. We are looking at a pop up shop approach over the coming weeks

Cask bitter on tap – we do offer this on specific occasions such as President’s Day, however it has a much shorter life than other drinks and experience has shown we don’t get through enough to make it economically feasible. We are looking at alternatives such as Fullers’ new beer, London Pride Unfiltered which come in smaller casks. In addition our new partnership with Noble Green Wines has significantly improved our range of wines on offer

Character of the pavilion – unfortunately we lost a lot of our memorabilia in the fire, however we are working on some additions to the pavilion to make it more homely – for example we are looking at options for an honours board, as well as expanding the photos and building up the history over time

Rework of end of season dinner / awards night. We recently changed the way we structure this, historically we did the awards at the formal end of season dinner however found that many players did not want to come to the dinner and so missed out on the awards. The last two seasons have seen a more informal awards night using the pavilion which has been much better attended. The end of season dinner was also switched to the pavilion to make use of the facilities however last season’s event had to be cancelled due to a lack of interest. If anyone has suggestions on how to do a more successful end of season event we would love to hear from you

We also had a question on how to improve the club’s commercial activity – some suggestions included working with local companies and the community and providing kids cricket parties. In terms of the local companies / community we are developing a local community plan to improve relations with local people, companies and communities and we are launching a specific sponsorship offering for local shops (the 1855 club) which offers lower cost ways of sponsoring the club. More details to follow

There were a number of other questions and suggestions which the committee is looking at and we encourage you all to keep the suggestions coming.

Thank you to all of you who offered to help, we will reach out to those of you who left an email address, unfortunately some of you offered to help but didn’t leave your name or contact details. As the survey was anonymous we don’t know who you are!

As you know, HHCC is entirely run by volunteers who give up their spare time to try and make the club a great place. It was really encouraging to see the positive comments that were sent back, and the suggestions were also extremely useful, even if we can’t adopt them all.

Thank you again to all who responded, remember there is no need to wait for a survey to get in touch or get involved. Feel free to speak to one of the committee members or email us on

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