The Hampton Hill Cricket Club tours are legendary – well at least amongst those of us who have been on one. They offer an eclectic mix of cricket, socialising and various themed activities and are an excellent opportunity to meet your fellow club mates.

The tour usually takes place in July and since 2007 the location has changed each year and is a “closely” guarded secret right up to the date of departure (unless you happen to be in the pub with one of the organisers in the months before). Before the 150 Year celebrations in 2005 the regular destination was Cheltenham with regular games against Ullenwood CC

You can see some of the tour memories in our Photo Gallery section

Previous tours:

Year            Tour Location

2019           This could be the big one. Photos will be added once deemed appropriate for a family audience

2015 – 2018 There were tours, there were tears.

2014           TBA

2013            Canterbury – the return of the Death Egg                              

                        Sandwich CC

                        Exiles CC

                        Minster (Sheppey) CC                                                             

2012            Margate – the one with the puncture (2012 photos)                                                   

                        Sandwich CC

Margate CC

                        Minster (Sheppey) CC

2011            Bristol – the one with Jason’s Donner-Van                                          

                          Worcester Races                                                                                       

                          Bristol CC

                          Ullenwood CC

2010            Isle of Wight – the one with the naked driver

                          Cowes CC

                          Ryde CC

                          Northwood CC

2009            Worcestor – the one where we visited Battledown Brewery        

                          Brockhampton CC 

                          Apperley CC 

                          Ullenwood CC

2008            Weymouth – the one with the sleepwalker

                          Hooke & Powerstock CC

                          Longwick CC

                          Saggies CC

2007            Brighton – the one with the day trip to France

                          Watch game at Arundel

                          East Preston CC

                          Beach Cricket in Calais


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