Colts Fixtures


All fixtures are 6pm start unless otherwise indicated. Download a copy of the fixtures here

Day Date Opposition Home/Away Competition
Under 10      
Sun 07 May Ashford Home 11am League
Fri 12 May Teddington Town Away League
Sun 14 May NPL Home 11am League
Mon 22 May Richmond B Home League
Mon 5 Jun Chiswick & Whitton Away League
Mon 12 Jun Ashford Away League
Sun 25 Jun Teddington Town Home 11am League
Thu 29 Jun NPL Away League
Mon 3 Jul Richmond B Away League
Sun 9 Jul Teddington Town Home League
Under 11      
Wed 3 May Richmond B Home 5.45pm League
Thu 11 May Chiswick & Whitton Away League
Wed 17 May NPL Home League
Wed 24 May Richmond B Away League
Tue 6 Jun Chiswick & Whitton Home League
Wed 14 Jun NPL Away League
Wed 21 Jun Richmond B Away League
Mon 26 Jun Chiswick & Whitton Home League
Wed 5 Jul NPL Away League
Under 12      
Thu 27 April Ashford Home 5.30pm Cup
Thu 4 May Ashford Home 5.45pm League
Mon 8 May Bushy Park Girls Home 5.45 pm League
Mon 15 May Teddington Town Home League
Thu 25 May Ashford Away League
Mon 5 Jun Bushy Park Girls Home League
Fri 16 Jun Teddington Town Away League
Mon 19 Jun Ashford Home League
Thu 29 Jun Bushy Park Girls Away League
Fri 7 Jul Teddington Town Away League
Under 13      
Thu 20 Apr Richmond Home 5.30pm Cup
Tue 2 May NPL Away 5.45pm League
Thu 11 May Staines Home League
Tue 16 May Kew Away League
Tue 23 May Ashford Away League
Thu 15 Jun NPL Home League
Sun 25 Jun Staines & Laleham Away   TBC League
Tue 27 Jun Kew Home League
Thu 6 Jul Ashford Home League
Under 15      
Tue 18 Apr Sunbury Away ( 5.30pm) Cup
Fri 5 May Richmond Away 5.45pm League
Tue 9 May NPL Home League
Mon 15 May Chiswick & Whitton Away League
Fri 26 May Richmond Home League
Wed 7 Jun NPL Away League
Tue 13 Jun Chiswick & Whitton Home League
Fri 23 Jun Richmond Home League
Mon 26 Jun NPL Away League
Tue 4 Jul Chiswick & Whitton Home League

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